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Bettina Liano ‘Creatures of Light’ Summer 2010

Bettina Liano plays with the idea of light in her latest collection. This means translucent fabrics, floaty silhouettes and feature cut-outs that let the sun or flesh shine through.

Bettina Liano 'Creatures of Light'

Not sure that many will be able to pull off the bike shorts or the high-waisted, floral pants (though I can imagine someone with rare quirky style working the latter), but am gravitating towards Liano’s pale denim paired with pastel colours of apricot and rose pink for the Summer season.

Bettina Liano 'Creatures of Light'

There is a 60’s lingerie feel with corset-style bodices, and sleep-shirt and cape-like details suited to the naivety of Mrs. Betty Draper. I love the simplicity of the oversized (and sheer) white tee, and a sweet little Lolita-esque dress with bow ties at the straps that I do not have the pins for.

Bettina Liano 'Creatures of Light'

Are you loving Bettina’s latest?

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