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Summer Hairstyle Inspiration 2010

Mr.  Kevin Murphy (he of the divinely scented Angel Wash fame) has come up with a few new hairstyles to test out during the season ahead. As hair director of the recent Melbourne Spring Fashion Week Kevin presented four key looks for summer; it’s certainly not all about beachy, salt sprayed waves all the time.

Look 1 – 50’s glam meets the future

Believe it or not, this first look (right) is inspired by 1950’s glamour; the softly sculptural and polished aspects of the era are made modern with a sleek shape. Baby crimpers helped to make the hair larger than life and add that intruiging texture. To wear this look in real life I think you would need to scale the volume down by half as Kevin describes the runway look as “aerodynamic cycling helmet”.

Look 2 – anything but beachy waves

This second look at left is how I (wishful thinking) want my hair to magically appear every single day when I wake up in the morning. Rather than mussed-up, bleached-out waves  this summer the style is refined; paying homage to Old Hollywood movie stars. It’s soft, slightly retro (though timeless) and a good curling iron is essential. Apparently this style is quite high maintainence but Kevin has a whole at-home kit to attempt it appropriately called the Screen Siren kit.

Look 3 – rockabilly shaken up

Returning to the 50’s again, this time Kevin takes on a completely different subculture to our first look. This look (right) is an ode to rockabilly hair yet the messy teasing makes it an edgy – rather than a vintage/quirky – style. A spine is created down the back of the head and the hair is piled high at the fringe in whispy rolls. This hairdo could  be a good, more advanced alternative to the messy high knots and buns that the pretty much everyone has been sporting lately.

If you want to attempt these looks at home, or just want a closer look Kevin Murphy have some great videos on their site.

Images courtesy KM

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