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Viva la (Mimco) Revolución

A gold box arrived on my doorstep recently heralding the launch of “An Unpredictable Revolution” by Mimco. Their latest dark campaign (as per the Helen Clemens film below) was shot by Australian photographer Christian Blanchard and stars model Emma Balfour who is experiencing a comeback since the 90’s heyday of supermodels.

The gold box concealed a lovely gift, a pair of striking “Revolution Heels”. I immediately thought of the women through time who may have worn these should they exist today. All were, coincidentally, inspiring and revolutionary in their own way and had a dark side…perhaps the two must come hand in hand? Each possessed a ‘tortured elegance’ if you will?

With their quilted leather, the heels conjured up images of Coco Chanel. We all know her as a revolutionary of fashion; breaking down barriers of what a woman could wear and introducing men’s style into ladies wardrobes. Yet she was also a mistress of heirs and married men.

The soft pink hue of the shoes also made me think of Marie Antoinette and her fondness for all things feminine and decadent. She initially delighted her royal subjects with her beauty and skilled dancing and as for the darkness in her life? Well, we all know how that ended…

A modern day Marchesa Luisa Casati may have sported these heels with their strong black mesh and gold lining. The eccentric woman, even after death, has been a muse for many with her penchant for wild pets, extravagantly gothic dress and her status as the first real (in)famous socialite. For Luisa her outward darkness WAS her inherent charm.

There’s even a little of the fictional Pink Lady Rizzo in the style of these shoes. Perhaps it’s the peep toe or in the way you have to wiggle when you walk in them? Always the bad girl Riz always did what made her happy even if it meant regrets later.

I envision any of these ladies reclining after a soiree thrown in their honour and simply being their brilliant selves in fabulous footwear. If only we could garner a little of their style by simply slipping on a pair of ‘Revolution’ heels. Actually I’ll let you know if it works as these pretty new babies are destined for front row at Spring Fashion Week.

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