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Claude Maus international F/W 2010/11

Nordic Paganism is what Claude Maus designer Rob Maniscalco deems his biggest influence for his international Fall/Winter 2010/11 season. While this may not be what is instantly evoked by the predominantly monochromatic palette of black with subtle injections of grey, notions of paganism come through in the artful use of raw materials which are distinctive of the Claude Maus label.

claude maus international fall/winter2010/11

As we would expect, the collection features key looks composed of layered and draped garments, asymmetrical hems and a myriad of interesting texture combinations. Leathers, mixed back with raw silks, delicate woollen knits and fur make the garments wearable and ultra chic without diminishing any sense of creative merit. Particularly interesting was Maniscalco’s ability to transform the classic puffer vest into an urban, leather statement.

claude maus international fall/winter2010/11

He says that this season he ‘tried to look at design as opposed to wearability’. And while many of his pieces are so versatile, this season’s focus was on toggles, strings, buttons and the ‘fastening aspects’ of garment construction. The creative process for Maniscalco involved trying to construct ‘single button’ garments and using stitching and toggles for aesthetic purposes. Exposed, stitching along knitted hoods and front-centred seams as well abstractly shaped toggles add a sense of intricacy yet are so true to the Claude Maus aesthetic.

claude maus international fall/winter2010/11

Wise words by Taylor Kelly
Fab photography by Victoria U

One Thought on “Claude Maus international F/W 2010/11

  1. Claude Maus stuff has always been wearable (except for the jeans as they are too long and tight for my stubby legs) Not a fan of the wool but I’ve always loved the leather Jackets.

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