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Becoming Bento

Do we need another designer  label which focuses on essential/luxury pieces? Which gives to charity, favours fair trade, natural fabrics and working with local businesses where possible? Who strives for quality over quantity? YES! Samantha Hardman is one such fashion recruit. Throwing in a lucrative banking gig (hello, instant advantage) to fulfil her dream of starting her own fashion label Hardman presents Bento. The first collection for Autumn Winter 2011 consists of a handful of perfectly crafted pieces that slot into your existing wardrobe and should last the distance.

The genesis of the label has been documented from day one on the designer’s blog. Readers have been able to vote on elements such as what labels Bento should use, what type of fabric the pieces should be lined with and which photographs should be used in the label’s first lookbook. We have also been able to follow along as fabrics have been sourced, troublesome suppliers have been overcome and beautiful ladies model the new pieces.

As Deborah Conway sings “it’s only the beginning” for Bento. Yet, in keeping with the designer’s self-inflicted measure for success, we hope one day to see Harding’s likeness on a Diet Coke bottle a la Karl Lagerfeld.

Need any more convincing? Simply take a glimpse at some of Bento’s first pieces below. As a classicist I would wear those deliciously-hued and deceptively simple outfits  just as they are…

Bento will have a showcase of their first collection at Fashion Exposed this August 2010. You can register to visit for free here.

Photographer – Emily Abay
Hair and Makeup – Merton Muaremi
Models – JJ & Silvana from Vivien’s
Images courtesy label

One Thought on “Becoming Bento

  1. Wow! Thank you so much for your kind words 🙂 I’m absolutely thrilled you like the results. It’s also fabulous to hear that someone likes the blog. I pour my heart out on that thing!

    Thanks again – can’t wait to see you at FE.

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