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Yamila Guedez


 in the heart of Armadale in the historic Kings Arcade building lives a vivacious Venezuelan designer named Yamila Guedez. An architect by trade but a fashion designer at heart, Yamila’s infinite creativity, boundless energy and intelligence have captured a growing legion of fans drawn to her organic and wildly unrestrained designs. With a disregard for trends, Yamila’s latest range cannot be categorized or even justifiably described. Consisting of handmade crotchet neckpieces in gelati-infused colors, tribal necklaces that would make Pocahontas look tame and layers of trademark rope designs in bold punch- colors, there is something quite brilliant about the mismatched fusion of her seasonal collections.

A truly independent designer, Yamila handcrafts all of her one-off pieces in her home-based studio and keeps busy running her colorful shop six days a week. Counting the raw and gleaming works of sculptor Alexander Calder as her muse in combination with the decisive style of the modern day woman, Yamila’s work infuses the same daring, eye-popping aesthetic into each new creation. Her unique designs pulsate with energy; from experimental metal discs, to minimalistic rope and her show-stopping tribal wear, it is clear that Yamila is a versatile designer with a vast imagination influenced by the world we live in. With a working conscience sensitive to political, social, anthropological and multicultural issues, Yamila’s work explodes with unpredictability. Her designs not only come from exterior influences but from her emotions which solely dictate and translate these events in the form of different materials, colors and dynamic styles that we see in her store.
Constantly quoted as being works of art, Yamila’s pieces are no doubt the feature piece on a black Melburnian canvas.

The designer has made a splash in the Australian fashion industry in the mere two years since setting up shop. With tsunami coverage of her range in the current issues of Fashion Journal, Fashion Trend and the involvement of her more eccentric and untamed works in Tony & Guy’s latest campaign for Wella haircare, Yamila’s range is turning heads. As a globe-trotter, Australia seems to have been the last stop in Yamila’s travels; with her eclectic range already introduced to the United States, Spain, Aruba and Curacao. Her work is even inducted in the Museum of Contemporary Art of Caracas in Venezuela.

This begs the question, what could the future hold for the Yamila Guedez label? Her dreams are endless. A firm believer in a balance between quality and quantity, Yamila has no doubts about the positive aspects of mass-production. With her collection currently stocking one-off items in a limited colour range, she plans to increase productivity in the future and make her designs more accessible to customers. With a new season about to emerge and the shedding of a miserable Winter, Yamila will be busy sourcing fresh ideas, untapped materials and new colors for her Spring/Summer line, while all of course dancing to the beat of the Brava Salsa!

yamila guedez jewellery

yamila guedez jewellery

yamila guedez jewellery

Wise words by Rosa Nguyen

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  1. Criss Gomez on July 30, 2010 at 8:43 am said:

    Que puedo decir, SUPER FAN!!! de todas las cosas de esta disenadora.

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