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Eye Spy

As I continue to malign fashion boutiques who insist on not even installing mirrors in their change rooms (instead forcing you out into an embarrassing public display of your bodily foibles), it has been refreshing to find a new place that is bounding into the future while paying attention to their customers. The new Eye Hub by OPSM reminds me of stores I visited in Tokyo where technology is friendly and shoppers are encouraged to interact with the store.

There are over 2000 pairs of glasses and sunglasses here, from Chanel, Parada and Bvlgari (plus the world’s most expensive pair at $18,000) to budget-savvy versions. The Eye Hub has digital mirrors so you can record yourself trying on different styles, a wind tunnel and a glare simulator for active types and a concierge at the door to set you off in the right direction – it is the largest optical store in the world after all. Inspired by the retina, architects e2 have designed the dual-level space with designated zones for different customers and balanced futuristic technology with real life (through the use of foliage and pale woods).

Already looking ahead to what may be in store for the Eye Hub, futurist Ian Pearson says we may soon find all of the technology we use on a day to day basis can be packed into the lightweight arms of our glasses. He imagines that we will be able to block out other customers from our vision (hallelujah!) at will and that our glasses could send out signals about how we are feeling and our past shopping history to assistants as soon as we enter the space.

I’m lucky to still have 20-20 vision so was just in need of some new sunglasses for Spring to shade me from the sun. The eye hubs stylists (seriously there is a stylist for everything these days) were patient while letting me try on about 1000 pairs. I finally settled on a lilac and purple pair of slightly cat-eye D&Gs for the season, that I plan on styling like this. What do you think?

You can find the new Eye Hub at 174-176 Burwood Road in Hawthorn.

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  2. what a fabulous idea.. hope they bring it to Melbourne CBD

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