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Duck Duck Goose…

Duck Duck Goose…a charming name for a restaurant that has been in the works for longer than it takes to play 100 rounds of its namesake childhood game.

The space is ambitious with a multiple personality. Designed in two halves; the luxurious higher-end dining room and a budget-friendly modern Asian eatery I note both sides serves more than these main functions. There’s the chic champagne bar with white leather lounges and blooms by Flower Temple; the main dining room which is large in itself with pendant lighting, a wine-bottle lined wall and a central water bath feature; casually intimate rooms dotted with bonsai that are partitioned off by transformable pale wood slats; a nook with more tea varieties than you can poke a spoon at plus another informal bar. Phew! If the team can balance all of these spinning plates it could be quite a fantastic experience no matter what occasion or mood you are in.

I looked forward to sampling some French (apt for Bastille Day) and Chinese cuisine but the former’s influence in particular was surprisingly absent. Tasty five-spiced meatballs, tender scallops and gingered wontons hint at things to come. Peeking at the menu for the more casual portion of the restaurant I spy excellently priced congee, noodles and sharing dishes. Again the finer dining options are still a bit of a mystery. I particularly look forward to visiting the restaurant when both the duck and the goose are in full flight.

Find Duck Duck Goose on Artemis Lane at QV.

Duck Duck Goose

Duck Duck Goose

Duck Duck Goose

Duck Duck Goose

Duck Duck Goose

One Thought on “Duck Duck Goose…

  1. It certainly is an amazing space.. and in my building! Must get there soon.

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