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Winter Q & A with Kam Otto

As winter’s icy fingers grasp at our city I prefer to look towards Parisian style for a chic take on cold-weather dressing. Textured stockings, waisted coats, luxurious scarves, high rise flat boots and long leather gloves will be my best friend this season. Yet that is simply my idealised version of the Gallic dresscode. An expert in high-end French design, Caroline Kehlaifia from the Kam Otto boutique, kindly agreed to answer a handful of questions about Winter fashion from her much more knowledgeable standpoint…

1. Kam Otto stocks French labels; what trends major trends are you seeing filtering through from Europe for our Winter season?
More than styles this season I see more colors, fabrics and materials being a strong focus… The purples, green, and reds mixed with black and a
all range of grey from light chines to mouse to charcoals. Fur is very
big in Europe and we see a lot coming thru this season but next winter
even more… fake but real fur is back…in beautiful blacks and
natural tones but greens and marine blues in the tinted. Velvet and

2. Please share your top three key pieces for Winter from the
collections Kam Otto houses.

Whaouh only 3 pieces out of 700 different items? (Ed’s note: yes only three, I’m strict!) Ok, well the fur vest by IKKS has been really popular, in One Step the green and red dress, and a fabulous coat dress with an enormous hood that becomes a sort of shoulder wrap, got to see that one to see it work.

3. If there was one label in the world you’d love to introduce to
Australia what is it and why?

I find Australia quite Fashion savvy andso I do not believe there is a big One label that is still a secret and if there were I would be working on getting it in right now. So the next label I am working on getting to Australia is called Helena Sorel, and its younger version Hel that I really like. I find it quite interesting and very different. Everything in their style is very feminine, curves and shapes. A modern design with feminine all over.

4. Personally, what is your ideal Winter outfit? What pieces will you
be living in this season?

I am a mother so everything needs to be practical, I have selected a few cargos, which I can were with boots and funky tops and fur vest but also dress up with heels and more luxurious tops in silk. I have also gone with the pencil skirts and winter cashmere knits for comfort.

5. If you had to choose, do you have a favourite label for winter in
at Kam Otto at the moment and why does it stand out to you?

Making me choose between my babies is cruel! I leave in my IKKS cargos but my preference goes for One Step, clever and so quirky I must say it has been the star in store. Lots of colors, lots of choice easy to blend with any wardrobe at any age. One Step mixes lots of colors and fabrics in one garment, with a lot of elegance and it is discreet. With One Step we can create a different look every day and revive any wardrobe with 2 items. It is an absolute pleasure to work with for any stylist.

Visit Kam Otto at Boutique 9, Albert Coates Lane in the QV Building, Melbourne for more…

Image courtesy Kam Otto

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