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 Order of Melbourne was crowded on Wednesday night as everyone was crammed into the venue waiting for the ‘Unwearables’ show. No one had any idea what to expect but the words ‘interesting’ and ‘odd’ come to mind. In the spirit of the offbeat show, participants were decked out in their vintage outfits, quirky dress and possible the most unique styles in town.

The show started with a man, dressed as a shy lady, sitting timidly on a chair. Suddenly another performer reached the stage, in the most outrageous costume. She was holding a fish, while moving around the stage covered in wired hair with prawns dangling from it. As she moved off the stage, we are now focused on the timid person on the chair. He abruptly stood up and undresses to reveal his fur bikini, then moved seductively around the stage.

Already the crowd had started whispering about the abnormality of the show. Slowly each model appeared on stage, dancing with each outfit more unique than the last. A man, wearing a white shirt over a protruding belly madly eating spaghetti, while another couple could be wearing apples on their top half.

The crowd wore stunned expressions when a model got up the stage nude, with only a plastic, clear triangle as adornment. As the show ended, the crowd clapped wildly while others are took time to digest what they had witnessed. The wacky show was an experience; also the word ‘unwearable’ may just be an understatement.

The Unwearables show was curated by Alice Rose Gunn Swing and Sarah Martinus. It featured designs from Michelle Boyde, Laura Bush, Tobi Clark, Sarah Gunn, Johnathon Keith Kirk, Tristan Ross Smyth Jones, Danielle Brustman, Vivian and Rafaella,  Monica Ramirez, Cassie Smith, Zoe Stuart, Daniel Cremona, Kasia Gorniak with Laurie Luxe.

Wise words by Mary Mana Mai

Happy snaps by Carlie Devine

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