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Skinny Nelson & Friends S/S 10/11 Preview


 build an eco-friendly brand, you have to start from the ground up. This is the philosophy of the designers behind Skinny Nelson and Friends, who have created a range of organic cotton tees and basics to create an environmentally-conscious foundation to any fashionable wardrobe.

“We believe basics should not be harmful for the environment,” said designer Zac Midalia (his other designer half is Melbournite Jacqui Alexander). “These are the clothes that we wear every day, that we buy in bundles, and these are the clothes that are made in sweatshops using very harmful washing techniques that damage our environment.

“Skinny Nelson believe our basics should be organic. It’s an achievable goal, so why doesn’t everyone do it?”

Although there’s no one answer to this question, Zac believes although there’s a strong progression towards sustainable fashion in Australia, for most designers the aesthetic of the final product is more important than the environmental implications of the manufacturing process.

“People care –there’s no doubt about that,” he said. “But in fashion the most important thing is that it looks good. There is a progression, but in my opinion Skinny Nelson is one of the few labels to create a fashion product while keeping it entirely organic.”

The latest Skinny Nelson collection for girls and guys presents a monochrome palette of greys blacks and whites across a range of wardrobe basics. The selection of tees shows a surprisingly varied range of cuts – from the all-rounder v and round-necks to more up-to-the-minute trends of tees with tails and cropped shirts. Dresses are body-con tight, unstructured, or maxi.
Most of the Skinny Nelson range is made from 100% organic cotton, except for a few designs that also include spandex.

This line of very basic designs is punctuated by the occasional standout style, like the free-flowing swing vest whose fabric falls in interesting lines creating shape and movement; the bat-wing style kimono; and the cape, that presents an unusual take on layering.

Ultimately it’s not the designers’ intention to create ground-breaking (yet throwaway) fashion pieces. Incidentally, it’s the basic nature of the designs which makes the brand stand out – you’re not just buying another white tee shirt, you’re choosing an eco-friendly alternative. The two might look the same, but it’s an important difference.

Wise words by Stephanie Anderson

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