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Penthouse Mouse 2010


a year, art and fashion combine under the watchful and very capable eye of the Moth design crew to create a space where all who worship fashion can come to pay homage, this Mecca of design is known as Penthouse Mouse. For the two week duration of Melbourne’s L’oreal fashion week, the former Naval and Military Club will host an explosion of life and colour and several art displays intended to push boundaries, designer articles as art installations are also incorporated to add to the aesthetic appeal. And why wouldn’t they, as one of Moth designs own Sonia Renstch claims “…Fusing art and fashion is not a new thing but definitely a positive thing! Fashion is art and art is fashion.”

Over the course of the Penthouse Mouse occupation, the space will morph form the glamorous opening party on the 6th, to a discussion and presentation space on the 10th with ‘Fashion Racquet’ the bonding of fashion and sport, to a runway show and after party with ‘Midmouse Runway’ on the 12th, to a live photo shoot on the 17th and then finishing with an inspirational and educational presentation by Piera Gelardi and Philippe von Borries, the minds behind New York’s most forward thinking online fashion publication Refinery29 on the 18th.

To wet your appetitie and inspire fascination, some of the designers on display are; Ok Ok, Minimara, Vanguard, From Britten, Autonomy, Trimapee, Satu, Leonard St, Limedrop, Thom Finch, Subfusco, Afar, Melanie Bower, with accessories and jewellery from; Kyoko Osato, Mecurialist, Gail Sorronda, Estelle Deve, O.T.T by Lia T, Anna Mason, Does not equal, Karla Way and Natalia Milosz-Peikarska. These are complemented by artists Volker Haug and Chris Nash, Studio Organic, Sam Stewart, Sam Woud, Ben Davis, Grace Cassio, Lance de France and Joseph L. Griffiths and Joshua M. Longmore to name a few. Penthouse Mouse is something worth checking out before it disappears for another year.

Written Word by Alex Schleibs

Pretty Pictures by Paul Broomfield

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