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Tali Roth Autumn/Winter 2010


the phenomenon of young Tali Roth emerged on Melbourne’s fashion scene; I’m excited about fashion again! After dazzling me with her first collection, Roth is back with a sexy, strong and flattering winter line sparkling with a colour palette of beautiful greys, vibrant oranges and electric purples.

“I took a lot of inspiration from geometric shapes and combined that with a very 80’s feel with a modern and wearable edge. The knitwear in particular was inspired by luxurious 80’s skiwear that you could imagine an elegant woman of that time wearing on a ski trip to Aspen. I also used music to help develop and connect the collection.”

Details are so simple but significant in Roth’s range. I particularly like the way a simple two-coloured dress with one effortless shape (check out the contrast sleeve scoop black dress) has such a strong graphic effect. The knits used to make these garments work well for the upcoming chilled months of Melbourne winter while looking fabulous.

Roth explains “I source my fabrics locally and overseas. I like to support local fabric manufacturers but when it comes to specialized fabrics and beadings that I have designed I like to have that made by specialists overseas.”

Another interesting piece is the Triangle Trim knitted jacket in orange/purple colour. With contrasting colours, this beautifully crafted knit is a hot pick for next season’s cold months.

“When I was nine I first realized I was very energized by design and by different clothing. It took me though a long time to realize that I could actually do this as a career!” Roth has come a long way since her childhood dreams.

Q & A

1. What do you love about Melbourne?

I love Melbourne’s laidback and unpretentious nature. The café culture and the restaurants and the fashion is the best in Australia.

2. What are your future goals/plans for the label?

My goal is to continue to develop my brand and really connect to my customer and provide them with beautiful, original luxurious clothing. I would also like to eventually branch out and make other fashion items under the Tali Roth name.

3. Do you have any advice for young aspiring designers out there?

Do your research. Combine what you are good at with what the marketplace needs and if you have enough patience and passion you can be successful!

Witty words by Natasha Pitra

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2 Thoughts on “Tali Roth Autumn/Winter 2010

  1. Where can we buy this collection??

  2. Hi Genevieve,

    Simply click the link in the article above and it will take you to Tali’s website which has a list of stockists 😉



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