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Lady Petrova “The Collector” Winter 2010


 Petrova Hammond recently sent over her winter collection for 2010 entitled ‘The Collector”. The collection was inspired by the 1963 John Fowles novel of the same name, and as such there’s an essence of simply keeping things “for display only” that you cannot touch. The story is about a butterfly collector who plots to “collect” the object of his unrequited desire, a young woman called Miranda Grey. The collector keeps  her in his basement convinced that if he treats her well (you know, apart from the whole kidnapping thing) she will one day come to love him.

Lady Petrova‘s collection has an innocent quality, due in part to her drawing from Victorian children’s patterns for her shapes this season. Bows are a common theme, even being wrapped innovatively around the shoulder in one design to create sleeves. In keeping with Victorian style gothic lace and wide collars are also present throughout the range. Pattern plays a big role in this collection as tapestry fabrics, rose prints and paisley fabric are included to add a vintage, ‘kept for some time’ look.

Visit Lady Petrova at 237 Flinders lane, Melbourne.

Pretty prose by Sarah Willcocks

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