Style Melbourne

Style Spotting at the Australian Open


 doesn’t have to be all bare, bronzed backs draped in flags at the tennis. Nor does it have to be a competition to see who can wear the most titillating sportswear on centre court. The Australian Open can still be a place to scout some fresh summer looks. Our prime position for a spot of style spying was among the leafy rooftop orchard of the “Oasis'” space that Cussons Pure has set up at Grand Slam Oval for the duration of the Open.

Surrounded by crates of juicy citrus fruits with faux grass underfoot, the best dressed tennis-goers were relaxed; floaty kaftans or white blouses ruled the day. Grecian style flats and reflective sunglasses were the accessories of choice and practical choices at that. Admittedly I didn’t see much tennis – I was too preoccupied soaking up the treats that the Oasis had to offer, cucumber eye masks, feet soaked in icy falling water laced with rose petals and hands treated with an array of fragranced washes (the green tea, jasmine and rice milk was my choice). Cooling bliss after a summer’s day in the stands.

Pretty prose by Sarah Willcocks

Inventive imagery by Patrik Nemes

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