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Painted Lady


 is how I spent the eve of Australia Day. Painting the town (well, the warehouse space of 1000 £ Bend at least) – not red – but a delicious shade of mauve. A rare experience, Melburnians were led to the secret location of the Paint Party by navigation site Whereis through a series of clues. Remember the joys of finger-painting as a child? Well multiply that by 100 to imagine the release and exhilaration of being let loose on an entire room along with hundreds of others.

Standing back for a moment from the mayhem, the psychology of the Paint Party was intriguing. Clean-skinned newcomers felt the need to mess themselves up upon entering or the immediate urge to smear on war paint (literally). The popular kids were those who became the most technicolour. Messy, squishy group hugs were dished out at a rate that usually only happens in the wee hours of the morning at infamous nightspots. I ended up looking a bit like a Na’vi with a worrying skin condition. Gotta love the wonderful things that occur in this town because of it’s creative people if you just keep an eye out.

PS Making paint angels, as opposed to snow angels, is way more cathartic.

Happy snaps by Hannah Caldwell

Additional images courtesy Paint Party

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  2. We’re about to do it all again here in Sydney! Had to do some research to see what I was up for – I’m a little scared!

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