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How to stay cool this week literally and figuratively speaking?

Tomorrow our first “catastrophically” hot day for 2010 will rudely arrive. I am lazily yet to install air-conditioning in my place. So it’s all about trying not to move around too much combined with;

-Copious jugs of iced tea. Currently sipping T2’s ‘Red Fancy Fruits’. The leaves are red and the blend contains pretty summer petals.

-Escaping to a rooftop pool party – wishing for the luxury of access to the Adelphi or Albany hotels. When all else fails commandeering the folks’ backyard pool for a paddle.

-Living in a kaftan (Rebecca Thompson’s Mexican styles are fab) or a maxi dress for the whole week. Just purchased my first ever maxi on Friday and am so in comfy love. How did I hold out so long?

-Since it’s too hot to bother with fussy adornments, I simply turn to nail polish for the tootsies that will inevitably be on show. Turquoise is meant to be the colour of the year but I’m into a dab of pale lilac or icy mint hues right now.

-Watermelon, feta and mint salad spritzed with fresh lime juice. Eat it now.

Hot in Melbourne city

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