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“Our Girls” Vintage Pin-Up book launch


 you ever looked at those iconic photos of pin up girls from the 1940’s and wondered “what happened to that era”?

Madeline Hamilton had this very thought and then took it one step further by actually tracking these women down and telling their stories. Her research has been compiled and published in the sweet little book ‘Our Girls’. The book launch respectfully coincided with Remembrance Day and hosted some vip guests, namely a handful of the featured 1940’s and 50’s pin up girls. The event also featured a vintage fashion show that was divided into three parts, with performances from the tap dancing tapette’s filling the intermission.

The first part of the fashion show was dedicated to swim wear, and showcased modern creations based on traditional designs. Models sported one pieces with simple geo metric patterns in blue, green and gold. The second part of the show was dedicated to what would have been considered everyday wear for women in the 1940’s but would probably be better categorised as smart casual by today’s standards, and consisted of 3 dresses complete with petticoats and neckerchiefs. All designs were high waisted and in simple pastel colours. The show was completed with a stunning evening wear section. A full length black evening gown with glittery silver leaves was followed by a simple yet elegant off the shoulder off white gown with hand embroidery and sequin detail around the collar and was truly the outstanding design of the night. All outfits were provided courtesy of Circa Vintage Clothing and seemed like looks out of the Stepford Wives.

The evening was made complete with a brief sashay from one of the original pin up girls at the bequest and encouraging cheers from the absolutely marvellous and always hilarious MC Wes Snelling. The event was fun and tasteful, and was a fantastic way to launch such an interesting and historically sweet book.

Pretty prose by Alex Schleibs

Images courtesy Louise M Cooper

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