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Trinny & Susannah Save Summer Style

You’ve probably heard that Trinny Woodall and Susannah Constantine are back once again in Oz. Yes, that’s them below styling Anne Maree Biggar, whom most of my generation would remember in a wave of nostalgia from Agro’s Cartoon Connection. They are tackling our Summer season for the first time to show us what to wear (and what not to wear) for the warmer months. I was excited – and kind of nervous which never happens – to see the ladies up close and personal at an “intimate” lunch thrown to celebrate their return in Westfield Doncaster’s glamorous Styling Suite (PS I’ve just found out that the airy, chic space is available for photoshoots so take note fashion creatives).

Trinny & Susannah seem exactly the way they are on the small screen only taller (with help from towering heels) and with just a few more F words – it sounds posh when heard in their British accents – thrown in. The ubiquitous groping of the current subject of their attentive eye is carried out like scientists taking notes on a newly discovered species; it’s clinical and the fastest way to find out the true cup size and leg length they will be dealing with. They are still committed to their methods and enthusiastic about helping women (and men) look and feel better about themselves.

They are currently styling and dishing out sartorial advice all around the country but here’s a few major things I’ve learnt from them through the years that really resonate with me;

-Try to avoid wearing black. It’s safe, easy and a boring option. They actually said this was more of a problem in New Zealand than Australia which surprised me.

– When you are resorting to wearing black don’t wear it with block colour as it looks cheap. Susannah notes the exception is with the new acid colours around at the moment as they can look quite striking.

– Nude shoes lengthen the leg.

– There are 16 general body shapes that everyone fits in to – their publisher made them squeeze that into just 12 for their books – and on top of that everyone has their own individual differences to deal with. It’s crucial to start by figuring out which shape you are.

– When shopping for clothes, first ignore the “look” of the item and whether you personally like a piece on the hanger. Your main priority should be looking for shapes that suit you and then trying those on.

– Buy great, supportive underwear.

– Don’t ask friends or partners for opinions on what you look like/on what you’re wearing unless you really want them. If you are a friend or partner answer honestly.

– Don’t be too matchy-matchy.

– When in doubt buy one size up.

– And my favourite…Don’t reserve your good clothes for special occasions, dress “up” every day.

Trinny & Susannah at Westfield Doncaster's Styling Suite

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