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Trimapee’s Damaged / Disposition


a concrete runway in an industrial warehouse. The room is dark and the music is thumping. There’s a sudden flash of light as the music reaches its crescendo and the first model steps onto the runway. In this raw and industrial setting, the Trimapee Damaged Disposition literally starts with a bang.

The collection features distressed fabrics and draped lines. Show favourites included the Trimapee blazer – available for both men and women – with strong but unstructured lines; a crotched, hole-y, textured black wrap; and the harem-style, relaxed fit pants and tunics. Models with white-painted faces and extreme, tortured hairstyles stalked the runway in blacks, fresh white, neutral greys and amber – sure to be the key colour this summer.

The Trimapee spring/summer collection has a strong desert influence and a modern tribal feel in the long, loose-fitting tunics with their straggling, distressed ends. The clothes, in light summer fabrics, are wearable, bringing an element of distressed style to any ensemble.

When the music ended and the last model disappeared from the stage, the crowd broke into applause as guests were transported from the stark, dark interpretation of the desert back to the factory warehouse and reality. Yet the show – and the clothes – left an impression which will not fade so quickly.

Additional images above courtesy Taboo/label

Perfect prose by Stephanie Anderson
Inventive images by Michael W

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  1. hello. i attendedd this party and i am writing an essay on it but i am still confused about the of them was nelson and the other one was The Vine.i searched alot of information on Nelson beer but couldnot find anything on the other.if you could send me a link so that i could continue writing and if any site why did they sponsored it.example demogrphic of it.

  2. Ok wow left of field question there. 😉 Well we just covered the event, we don’t have anything much to do with it…and I’m not usually in the business of helping out with homework but I’m guessing you really should look at – see, not that hard to find!

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