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The Naked Truth


Order of Melbourne transformed to host ‘The Naked Truth’ for Melbourne Spring Fashion Week. The provocative name of the event, instantly invited a number of connotations – some that turned out to be more literal than others. While every participant was indeed clothed, the show attempted to strip away the mystery that surrounds an oh-so-glamorous high fashion shoot.

How was this done? The central stage was transformed into an all hands on deck arena with hair, makeup and wardrobe taking place before the curious eyes that looked on. The piece de résistance? Watching as a seemingly simple pose turned into an inspired shot with a few moments of styling, and one click of a button. Raising money in support of the Aids Trust, the Naked Truth joined together some of Melbourne’s upcoming fashion creatives.

The first on show was Josua Andreas. Staying true to his signature Urban style, Andreas presented a shocking pink mini dress cleverly styled with a traditional wedding bouquet and veil. While as far as possible from the norm, the look channeled a 70’s rock star bride, rebelling from convention to wed the sunglass-clad stud by her side.

RistefskyMacheda’s contribution revealed the European influence behind the label while staying true to their signature look. A Spanish style military jacket – complete with cape – complimented the designer underwear showcased. An ingenious mix of the laid back Aussie lifestyle and European attitude that made designers Stephen Ristefsky and Vincent Macheda famous.

The next to present was Elly Louise. Renowned for her ready-to-wear formal and bridal attire, the floor- length vintage style gown was for me, the show stopper of the day. Sunray pleated ribbon created a delicate halter neckline while simple beading around the waist added a simple, yet elegant touch. The understated glamour of the dress was complimented by a statement headpiece and accessories, splashes of purple and chunky pearl bracelets adding a modern touch. Truly beautiful.

For Miss Lyndel Yeo , presentation was key. The structured, feminine designs were brought to life through a bold choice of accessories. Short layered ballerina-esque skirts were paired with brightly coloured socks and skater shoes. Asian inspired headpieces (going so far as to include chopsticks) added creative flair to zip front tops with sweet frilled detail. Fashion as art at its best.

The name Oscar Calvo is synonymous with stylish, high quality men’s clothing. His contribution to The Naked Truth presented the best of his casual, active wear. A striped knit tee was paired with funky board shorts creating effortless aquatic style. An aqua blue knitted cardi was also dressed down with brightly coloured swimwear. A palette of blues, greens and purples interspersed with the season favourite white was a definite winner on the day.

Daniela Orlando caters to the young, fashion conscious girl. The look she presented was definitely right on the money – simple, funky and fabulous. A fuschia shift dress was teamed with a wide white waist belt and sequined head scarf. Knee high socks were worn over sheer tights and lace gloves completed the look. With a Starbucks coffee and glossy magazine, the finished shot was reminiscent of a modern day Statue of Liberty.

Who says that swimwear can’t be high fashion? Definitely not the designers (Shandor and Boyd at Leopold) of Diving Belle. Making the traditional two piece runway worthy, the aqua blue creation was made up of a traditional strapless top and less conventional high-waisted brief – an interesting addition and perfect choice no matter what your intentions are this summer.

The Naked Truth event was not what you would expect of a fashion show. The models were not always preened and perfect, the crowd not required to sit in silent anticipation. The only things scrutinised for perfection were the garments themselves – we saw the Naked Truth of course.

Wonderful writing by Giorgette Cardona

Inventive images by Ker Fern Tan

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