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I Won’t Go Breaking your Heart by Dani M


at Dani M’s launch party for her new collection ‘I won’t go breaking your heart’ I was so excited I made my way through the crowd to the display case like I was at the Boxing Day sales. I love jewellery.

As I reached the display case I spied designer and moved in for a chat. Danielle Maugeri has been coaxing delightful figures from hand coloured porcelain and sterling silver since 2001 and her jewellery is now available from a selection of stores in Melbourne and around the country or online.

This collection is a treasure trove of love hearts, triangles tear drops and more. On first impressions the porcelain appears to be a modernised portrayal of Gems shaped in the style of Ancient Egyptian cuts. They are however inspired by Art Deco shapes (which were in turn inspired by the Ancient Egyptians). The many facets of these porcelain treasures sparkle in the light every bit as dazzling in their own way as the ruby or the sapphire.

The inspiration for her other pieces in this collection come from an entirely different place…Wonderland. Alice in Wonderland that is! After having been involved in a project for which she created biscuit shapes for a ‘Mad Hatter’s Tea Party’ theme Dani then revisited the shapes she used for this exhibition to create an enchanting collection of shapes.

This young Australian designer is definitely worth another look.

Guest blogged by Rebecca of Whatever She Said Then I’m That.

Images courtesy designer

2 Thoughts on “I Won’t Go Breaking your Heart by Dani M

  1. nice article stylemelbourne. and you are right on the money… i will be looking back to the ancient egyptians for my next range- seeing the Met’s collection in new york took me to jeweller nerd heaven!

  2. I’ve posted this on my blog and everyone loved your stuff Dani!

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