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once in a while, a fashion show comes along that literally moves people. Dress of your Dreams is a bridal themed show that showcases the best that Melbourne designers have to offer. It began with the glamorous and traditionally inspired creations from Aldo Terlato who is renowned for dressing the stars on their special days. The traditional inspiration was also echoed in designs from Judith Valente with a classical off white dress with a heavily embroided bodice complete with crystal detail and a classical styled white dress with silver and white flower details. The eye catcher from Valente was a layered fitted dress with each individual layer consisting of a different pattern and fabric which was repeated in threes and was complemented with a lacy floral fascinator.

From classically inspired to reinventions of classics came designs from Annette of Melbourne, Ania G couture, Croce Colosimo and Mariana Hardwick. Designs from Annette were met with gasps from the crowd followed by the breathless expression “stunning, simply stunning”; I couldn’t have said it better myself. With a silvery number with soft layers in the skirt and a simple bodice and lace shoulder straps, it was a definite winner. It was followed by a soft pink gown with flower details on the seemingly weightless layers. Ania provided designs that were fitted with the unusual but surprisingly feminine exaggerated ruffles in the trains and on the front of the dress around the knee high split. Detail on the split was taken a step further in her other designs with sheer panels in place of the split decorated with white, silver and crystal designs which continued up onto the bodice and made for truly stunning pieces. Croce produced both fitted pieces in bone with ribbon detail used to accentuate a woman’s curvy bits and to a show stopping gathered gown that featured a bling heavy strap that began at the front of the dress and continued up to the top of the bodice and then behind the shoulders and finally finishing around the neck and honestly had to be seen to be believed. A beautiful white soft contemporary gown followed for contrast. Neomi Allen presented beautiful and contemporary sleek white dresses with an interesting veil fastening behind the shoulders. Mariana played with colour in her designs to produce elegant and simple designs with unique features like soft grey and pink flowers in the straps and a pink gown complemented with a set of pink pearls.

Colour was something other designers on the night played with in an attempt to produce gowns that really are unique and to bring something new and fresh to the area of bridal design. Deborah Selleck produced gowns with layered Victorian era styled trains and a bodice made from various materials but most notably was a sleek white dress with black flower detail on the edges and completed with a black tulle shawl with floor length dangling black string for body. Shane Mcconnell also played with black flower detail on one of his gowns. The detail weaved its way up the front of the dress and was successful in drawing the eye to the delicate fitted features of the dress. Other designs were a white fitted ruffled dress with a silver butterfly in place of a clasp and an unusual silvery scaled fish tailed design complete with a silver belt and was honestly somewhat of an over-adornment.

Not as colourful but just as interesting were designs from Romeo Bastone with a fish tailed garment with lacy detail and crystal adorned straps and designs utilising ribbons to accentuate a brides figure in the bodice and delicate detail on the partially hidden layers of the skirt.

Also present but somewhat the more demure designers of the night were Bonita and Catherine R Couture. Bonita with a soft silver layered number and contemporary dresses with crystal, feather and flower detail and Catherine presented an off white layered number and simple classic after dinner styled dresses that were subtle in comparison to other collections shown.

Above fab photos by Anthony Licuria APL

Above cute snaps by Hannah Caldwell

Perfect prose by Alex Schleibs

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