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such a passion for Melbourne, it was fitting that Landell designer, Lisa Defazio held part three of her fashion shoot at one of Melbourne’s hardest-to-find laneway bars, the Croft Institute. Some of Melbourne’s hidden treasures can take years to discover, often by word of mouth more than anything. Lucky I had my trusty Google Map! If you find it you will be in crazy lab equipped with beakers, Bunsen burners and lab sinks. You’ll also find some of the most delicious cocktails in town, like the Pomegranate Sour!

With other Pop-Up shoots around Melbourne, like at St Pat’s Cathedral, the Croft was certainly a fitting place to show off cocktail dresses and evening wear! Defazio is a graduate of the Melbourne’s RMIT School of Fashion and Design and says she is influenced by vintage Valentino, Balenciaga and Dior. She creates for ‘womanly’ figures, not ‘stick figures.’ Hear here, I say!

In the lab, models pouted and posed their way through the shoot. Using women that epitomise Melbourne style like AFL WAG, Chantelle Raleigh, the two hour shoot will be sure to create some beautiful shots of beautiful designs! The shirtless male model as a bartender wasn’t too bad on the eye either…

Whether you’ll be walking down the red carpet at the Brownlow or enjoying a luxurious cocktail at one of Melbourne’s finest establishments, Landell’s cocktails dresses add sparkle with sequined bodices, beautiful silk trains and gorgeous evening coats. In lovely neutral shades, the ensembles can be mixed and matched to create a different outfit every time. For the shoot, a pearl toned wrap skirt with beautiful silk waist ties was teamed with a black, silk halterneck top that had diamante brooches on the ties of the top. It oozed femininity and sophistication, as did the floor length cocktail gowns. Sticking with the popular metallic trend, the shimmering black skirt made the model’s legs look endless and the top part was a sequinned bodice, which actually looked like a faux snakeskin print. Teamed with a hot red lip, the outfit set the room on fire!

Also part of the shoot were some tasteful shorter dresses in the same designs (sequin bodice and black silk skirt) if you have the legs to pull it off. The bell sleeves echo the ‘big shoulder’ trend currently taking over Melbourne and some have beautiful detailing with ribbons tumbling down. Defazio said she found it hard to find the perfect coat on chilly days. She often had a beautiful dress on to wear to a wedding but then in the cold winter months she would just throw her trusty old trench on, whether it matched or not. To fix that problem she’s created a slimming, shiny evening coat with lovely big pockets, which are discretely hidden, and gorgeous, puffy sleeves with cute little buttons! Available in two shades, champagne or metallic grey, they’ll match with anything, and as someone said, perhaps you don’t even need a dress under it – I’ll leave that choice up to you! With a five day shoot at iconic Melbourne attractions, the final result will be spectacular, just like Landell’s cocktail dresses.

Witty words by Tara McGrath

Pretty pictures by Aaron Irving Nightshadow

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