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Fashion for the Future


¬†tend to think writing that whole bit about “green fashion doesn’t have to be all hessian sacks and hippy threads” is a bit passe these days. We know that there a fabulous labels out there like Gorman and Skinny Nelson that are commited to sustainable design and then there’s those like Dorothy and Evelyn and Vintage Soul who upcycle old pieces. There a many fabulous (admittedly more expensive but worth it) choices out there for the fashion AND eco-minded with more popping up all the time. Now it is down to our choices.

That’s why I still think we need showcases like Fashion for the Future on now until August 9th at Melbourne Central. The event includes the pre-loved fashion market Round She Goes on Saturday 8th August, a garden designed by James Dawson situated outside Lacoste and an exhibit on the level 2 bridge of Melbourne Central’s retailers who include elements of sustainability in their design process. The highlight of the festivities for me is the ‘a name is a label’ parade on August 7th which features re-fashioned pieces created from garments donated by Decjuba and Fame Agenda. You can purchase one of these original, one-off creations afterwards through Fame Agenda.

Words – Sarah Willcocks

Image courtesy Melbourne Central

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