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Fashion In.Cube8r 2nd Birthday Celebrations

If you are yet to visit the Fashion In.Cube8r Gallery in Smith St Fitzroy, you are really missing out on some whimsical artwork, fashion and accessories.  Last night, the Gallery hosted Mixtape Magazine and it’s own personal 2nd birthday celebrations, complete with champagne, cupcakes and ambient tunes.

For those unfamiliar with the concept of the In.Cube8r stores, the idea is fairly simple.  The Gallery provides a space for up and coming artists and designers to showcase and sell there wares, allowing for greater exposure and a fair crack at the market.

The store is a true feast for the eyes, with gleaming glass cabinets lining the walls displaying some amazing creative talent in the way of jewellery, sculpture, leatherwork and pretty much anything else that falls into the ‘funky pretty’ category.

A crowd favourite was a range of jewellery and accessories made entirely out of tapemeasures in a range of pastel colours.  The artist managed to create gorgeous brooches, and quirky neckpieces using a material that many would confine to the sewing room.  Liquid Moon by Jodi Blokeerus was also an eyecatching display, with her adorable woodland figurines available for purchase.

Resin Jewellery, porcelain bowls, wall art, framed photography, knitwear, screenprinted tees, handmade cards and cosmetics…the list goes on.  If you’re after an amazing, individual or quirky gift for yourself or someone you love, do head down to the Fashion In.Cute8r store at 321 Smith Street, Fitzroy.  The lovely staff will make your visit all the more pleasant, along with the fact that should you make a purchase, you’ll be ‘feeding a local artist’.

Words – Bronwyn Miller

Photography – Bronwyn Miller and Ker Fern Tan

One Thought on “Fashion In.Cube8r 2nd Birthday Celebrations

  1. Oh congrats to a great store! I haven’t visited for awhile but it’s definitly a favorite!

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