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Melbourne Winter 2009 has had a military makeover. Not only in the fashion sense. Have you noticed the array of Russian/WW2 movies? I’ve seen Valkyrie, Defiance and about to settle in for a tear jerker with The Boy In The Striped Pyjamas. In Valkyrie, the jackets worn by soldiers were almost identical to those on catwalks and the long coat worn by Daniel Craig in Defiance would’ve looked fabulous with a bit of tailoring and some new brass buttons. From high designer to chic chain stores, military tailoring is keeping us sharp and warm this season.

Forget the black and khaki, military is presented in rich colours of royal blues, reds, fuchsia and all detailed with gold buttons and belts. I think the blues take us from army to navy which is great for the girl looking for something bolder in her wardrobe. Coats and jackets feature in most collections ensuring we’re all in uniform without looking like an army. Pieces are fitted with sharp shoulders and high collars keeping the feminine look. Rock chicks fear not, military also comes in tough forms. Just look for the double breasted, high embellishment of buttons and edgy tailoring. My favourite look would be the jacket teamed with leggings and thigh high boots. Military collections are powerful, and this look carries it so well.
For the ladies not ready to be fitted head to toe, there is nothing more flattering that a well structured and tailored jacket. This look also works well with draping and volume. A voluminous skirt, opaques and suede pumps is divine. Sheer cream and champagne coloured shirts peeping through the cuffs and high collars of the jackets offer a romantic and feminine style.

This season many designers delivered on the Military Jacket. My pick is from Leonard Street who delivered the simple version called the Lieutenant Jacket without the bells and whistles but with classic style. The jacket is a rich blue and isn’t exhausted with all the buttons and detailing but with a focus on structure from cuffs, a neat stand up collar and front breasting.

Lieutenants, I must advise that Military could easily become a staple and designer classic. Each season may deliver different shades but keep it simple. Minimal detailing and solid colours will keep your wardrobe content and take you past Winter 2009. Style yourself as Air Force, Army or Navy – it’s your choice.

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Words – Angela Fedele

Images courtesy designers, Michael Todor, APL & Patrik Nemes

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