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Onya Magazine launch at Mag Nation

This might sound crazy but am I alone in staring despondently at my local supermarket’s shelves internally bemoaning the lack of choice in Australian grown white beans…or garlic…or balsamic vinegar (surely we have the grapes to spare?) The big names in retailing continually say there’s not enough demand for Australian made products. Well please add my name to the list of demandees. “I WANT AUSTRALIAN MADE/OWNED/DESIGNED”. And I am willing to pay a little more for it.

So it was with relish that I have taken up the challenge of writing about, not everyday items, but luxuries that are Australian made, produced or designed (hopefully all three) for Onya Magazine. The new webzine launched only this week – it is literally days old but aims to change the way we and our global family think about Oz. Check out images of the launch party surrounded by the drool worthy shelves of Mag Nation in our gallery below. Onya will champion everything about our wide brown land and the people in it with honesty and good humour – the team hopes you will enjoy it too.

Onya’s founder, the enthusiastic and determined, Sandi Tighello wants the publication to be a rallying cry to push ourselves as nation further and realise we can be (and already are in many cases) are “great” not just decent. I know Australia has fabulous talent, particularly in the creative fields, just crying out for a break.

Hopefully Onya can give us all a little push.

And I hope you enjoy my new column on all things luxe, clever, beautiful, breathtaking and Australian.

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Words – Sarah Willcocks

Photography – Mikaela Fisher

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