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Fashion Finds at the Markets

There’s a hunter-gatherer pleasure in perusing market stalls in the cold early morning, latte in hand, as you search for something special. A visit to one of Melbourne’s many markets is bound to turn up something you can fall in love with.

Vintage and preloved fashions are often a cheaper alternative than clothes bought at regular retail outlets, and they can offer shoppers a more unique and quirky style.

Whether as a consequence of the economic downturn which has many fashionistas seeking to reinvent or cheaply update their wardrobe market shopping is more popular than ever.

StyleMelbourne spoke to one of the creators of the occasional Round She Goes Preloved Fashion Market, Emma Morris, about the popularity of market shopping in Melbourne. Emma came up with the idea for Round She Goes after being frustrated selling clothing at the Camberwell market, where she never seemed to get the price she wanted. With her sister, Anne, and friend, Lena, she planned an event where shoppers and sellers alike would benefit from high-quality garments sold at fair prices. It was a hit.

Round She Goes has enjoyed unexpected success. Their last event at the Tivoli Centre in Prahran was so packed that the event will be moving to a bigger venue to accommodate the crowd. Emma believes the popularity of Round She Goes and markets generally is due to a lack of individuality in fashion retail.

“Melbourne is such a fashion-orientated and stylish city and I think that Melbourne women like to find those one-off and unique pieces that you just can’t get from regular retail shopping,” she says.

Round She Goes is one of the best markets for fashion in Melbourne, but fortunately Melburnians don’t have to wait for this occasional market to roll around as there are many great weeklies where you can usually find something worth foraging for.

Emma Morris may find fault with the Camberwell market as a seller, but as a shopper it’s a good opportunity to benefit from other people’s wardrobe clearouts. Camberwell is great for preloved and vintage clothes, jewellery and some crafts. Favourite finds include estate sale jewellery stalls and any of the 20-something girls clearing out their wardrobes. Be warned, though – competition for designer and vintage fashion is fierece, so get in early!

Craftier types should head to the Rose Street Artists Market in Fitzroy to enjoy the wide array of accessories and handmade crafts which are unlike anything you can find in regular retail outlets. The seasonal Rooftop Market is another great – but sadly, summer-time only – market for quirky and artistic styles and designs.

Finally, our advice is to steer clear of the Queen Victoria Market. It might be a mecca for tourists and great for food shopping, but has little to offer in fashion.

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Words – Stephanie Anderson

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