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The Puma Archives go Retro

In case you haven’t noticed, Melbourne is known for it’s fashion and for it’s incredible nightlife, so it is no surprise that our stylish city was able to make retro fashion and music ‘in’ again for the exclusive Puma Archives Party on Wednesday night.

Celebrating the longevity of the Puma footwear and clothing from the 70s to the 90s, the Puma party celebrated the past and present of fashion and music; and if the crowd had anything to say about lasting trends, the verdict was out – black is always in and will never fade out.

Ranging from black leggings, leather jackets and boots, whilst incorporating graphic tees, oversized slouch bags and jeans as far as the eye could see; the crowd was casually chic, looking stylishly comfortable.

While the revolving Puma runner on the pedestal was paying homage to the brand, cult followers were wearing their Puma’s in support of the event. The look of the night for the men seemed to be jeans paired up with a blazer or suit jacket and teamed up with their recently purchased Puma’s, in colours such as gold, blue and white.

My pick of the best-dressed guy in the room wore jeans with a white shirt with black stripes, teamed with a vest and a fedora. His look was classic and stylish, collaborating past and present fashion trends.

The best-dressed female of the night, in my opinion, goes to a fashionista who really wanted to dress the part and make an effort to celebrate where fashion had come from and where it was going. She wore a Cooper St dress which had a ¾ mod-sleeve, and was patterned in blue, black and white. She added a sequined headband to her outfit and really embraced what the event was about.

Guests of note – the Crusty Demons of Dirt took part in the celebrations, while Grant Smilie was DJ-ing retro tunes such as ‘Funky Town’ and some of Michael Jackson’s classic hits, mixed alongside music of today.

If Puma has taught us anything, it’s that the trends in fashion and music develop from the past, adapt to the present, and become springboards of future trends, which then calls for such events of retro celebrations where the cycle begins once again. Viva moda!

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Words – Monika Pilekic

Photography – Hannah Caldwell

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