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‘Show Us Ya Undies’ Lingerie Fashion Runway

Boots, a scarf and coat are desirable when dressing for a cold winter’s night. While most of us tend to cover up with layers during winter, lingerie designer labels Ristefsky Macheda and Emily Jane took all the layers off and showcased the bare essentials last Saturday night during the ‘Show Us Ya Undies’ fashion parade.

Emily Jane kicked off the show with her one-off, hand-made lingerie for the ladies. The designs mixed and matched between different bras and briefs, creating eighteen different looks on the night.

Bras shaped as triangle bikinis and push-up bras were matched with either briefs or boy-legs with a cheeky touch. Colours of yellow, black, blue and red were used throughout the collection, as well as mini leopard prints, gold that shimmers and floral patterns which were combined with an array of other fabrics to create Emily Jane’s unique designs.

Inspired by different fabrics and hunting through bargain shops, Emily teamed her designs with bows, lace armbands and socks, chokers with flower bows, and garters for that added sex appeal. Contoured for comfort and style, Emily Jane’s lingerie will appeal to those who seek feminine and flirty looks as essential requirements in their undergarments.

Ristefsky Macheda recreated the classic briefs and trunks for the boys in an assortment of colours. Yellow, red, black, blue and green all appeared in the designs, either separately or in a combination of different coloured trimmings.

The ‘dare brief’ appeared numerous times throughout the collection in a number of colours, highlighted by the white band reading ‘Ristefsky Macheda’ in Calvin Klein fashion, along with a fly-front design.

Kudos to the designer for adding red leather gloves, and yellow and black fingerless gloves amongst different pieces in the collection, adding to the cheeky and playful nature of the label. One model described the designs to be ‘chic and modern’, saying it was ‘comfortable to wear’ and is a cut above other mainstream underwear.

The two collections are practical yet cheeky, and showed us that it isn’t always necessary to cover up in winter.

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Words – Monika Pilekic

Photography – Kit Haselden Kit Haseldon Photography

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