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Smitten with is a quick Q&A with Melbourne’s most stylish people + the things they love.

AMANDA SMITH (left of image)
Willow Sales Manager

1. A Willow Piece: Silk crepe jacket with enamel beads. It’s really stunning.

2. Winter Accessories: Scarves!

3. Cafes: I’m from Sydney so when i come down here I tend to go to Orange on Chapel Street and Organica in Hawksburn.

4. Reading: The Twilight series. The themes are universal and defy age. I’m hooked!

5. Music: I Love my old School 70s rock – Led Zeppelin! I also love a bit of electronica.

6. Something about Melbourne: Catching up with girlfriends and indulging in Melbourne’s fine food offerings.

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Words – Sarah Cyngler Stool Pigeon Smitten Sundays

Photography – Kit Haselden Photography

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