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As many of you may know, back in the days when grunge was the ‘it’ thing amongst angsty’ teens, a label became apparent, and that was ‘homeless chic.’ As the years passed and teenage rebellion turned to other genres such as screamo, emo and death metal, the homeless chic look seemed to fall from the radar.  BUT have no fear, as it seems, from recent trends seen at the recent L’Oreal Melbourne Fashion Festival, the homeless chic look is back, for both male and female alike.

Where homeless chic in the early 90’s was more about the music then the fashion, they dressed this way because they didn’t care, which is in stark contrast to the more recent takes on this look which is all about caring too much. It seems the designers care TOO much about being different, and this vagrant chic is what has become of it.  Pulled together correctly, this trend can look effective and is very eye-catching, however some designs that are hitting the market as we speak have the potential to take a commercial nose-dive with much of it being simply unwearable.  Unless of course you have attitude and confidence to pull it off, in which case – more power to you.

Now don’t get me wrong, the right amount of homeless chic can look quite good, and you may see me around sporting a small amount of this new trend.  Several Australian and International designers have been spotted tinkering with this look over the past season, and it is a trend that seems to be catching on amongst the local set as well.  The Trimapee Prostitution Institution show took the homeless chic look to a whole new level, bringing one onlooker to liken it to the ‘Derelicte” campaign, inspired by the homeless Vagrant population of New York, seen on the Ben Stiller written/directed comedy Zoolander.

If you’re looking to incorporate a bit of homeless chic into your wardrobe this season, check out Loi Hon, Trimapee and Who Am Eye, all of whom are just a sample of designers embracing this look throughout Autumn/Winter 2009.

For the untrained eye, things to look out for if thinking of adding some homeless chic to your wardrobe this year are pieces such as  vintage knits and furs, and old oversized military style boots, laces not included.

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Words – Michael Todor

Photography – Anthony Licuria APL Photography

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