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Leonard Street A/W 09 review

Inspirations from past decades with an exclusivity and modern twist. An extensive collection of warm, stylish staples which Leonard St manages to make distinct. An array of coats and jackets in almost every style and forget black and grey, prepare for red and cream leather, teal and fuchsia. A teal ‘Lieutenant’ jacket is an authority statement; well structured, quality fabric, with gold buckle for belt and visible zip. Bomber jackets, quilted, old school parkas and cropped leather jackets also feature. One in particular suitably called the ‘Rizzo’ leather jacket is obviously very ‘Grease’ but teamed with frilled tanks and tights; the label brings you up to 2009.

Shift dresses make quite an appearance, in metallic, purple and earthy coloured patterns. Stylish comfort abounds and my personal favourite is the Starburst Dress. The pattern also translates to a top and scarf in the collection. Pencil skirts and pleats, wrapped dresses and a voluminous mini with pockets compliments the sheer tops and layering of knits.

Volume is a theme with the mini skirt mentioned above, genie pants in shiny fabric and sleeves and tops are larger and more draping than fitting. Tops are frilled and sequined. Pleats and playing with cuffs on trousers, sleeves and collars increase the differentiation of garments.

Knits are in with a twist, literally. Braided wool decorates jumpers, bolero knits oversized cardigans, and turtle necks. Vests are also popular but Leonard St have also played with leather. These fabrics then meet the so-popular-this-winter tartan. Pants and skirts offer alternatives and they work well with the uniform direction Leonard St have taken.

An extensive collection with a great mix of what Winter has to offer. High quality fabrics and staples will take you through a few seasons. The fabric is also Tran-seasonal with silks and sheer tops perfect for Spring but in the meantime tartan pants, tights and scrunched boots will make you a Winter fashion contender. Whether it be complimenting your silhouette in figure hugging military inspired pieces, or lazy yet stylish days in slouchy trousers, Leonard St have Autumn/Winter 2009 sorted.

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Words – Angela Fedele

Photography – Briony Ridley courtesy label

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