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A Sweet 16th Birthday for Bloom Cosmetics

Australian beauty brand Bloom celebrates its’ sixteenth birthday this year and founder Natalie Bloom has released a limited edition ‘Sweet Sixteen’ pack featuring her favourite products to celebrate.

In 1993, twenty-two-year-old Natalie began selling cards and gifts made in her parents’ home to specialty stores. Her brand was launched with a single product – a DIY beeswax candle making kit. What had begun as a hobby became a sudden success when Bloom’s first product was picked up by Myer and sold by the thousands.

Today the Bloom range includes over 300 products and has grown into a global brand. After sixteen years of success, we have to ask what it is about this Australian brand that has set it apart from hosts of others. Natalie Bloom attributes the longevity of her company to its “unique style and brand personality”.

Over the years, Bloom has created a strong image encompassed by the whimsical “Miss Bloom” mascot. The brand has produced enduring favourites such as Bloom’s bestselling range lip gloss, yet also demonstrates innovation with products such as the new mineral-based collection. The Bloom range is ever-growing and has recently expanded beyond cosmetics with a range of bath and body products, which Natalie insists was a natural evolution for a company that began as an aromatherapy brand.

In sixteen years of business, Natalie has enjoyed many highlights and faced not a few challenges. The highlight of her success has been her exposure to a diverse range of people and experiences, but Natalie has also experienced the challenges of running a business: the work involved in being a “one-man band” and taking responsibility for every aspect of the business, the task of transitioning to management and learning to delegate, and, most recently, the difficulty of balancing business and motherhood.

She still, however, has time to plan for the future, and hopes that in the next sixteen years she can continue her creative dreams and see a further evolution of the brand I love so much.

Words – Stephanie Anderson

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