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The New Order Magazine Launch

The New Order is the print version of SLAMXHYPE, an international online mag dedicated to street culture, art, music, cinema and fashion. The first issue is bumper big; it somehow looks like VICE, black on white, simple fonts albeit with notably less of an elitist attitude and assault on well, everything. Inside the cover we are taken around Tokyo, Berlin and Amsterdam touching on just about every creative base. The whole product is rather slick and has a truly international bend on the whole goings on of ‘underground’ culture. The mag boasts some great purchasable finds, sharp snaps and gritty articles. The quarterly issues promises to delve into everything from Crips to street wear and then back to fine art, whatever the self-professed talented team finds relevant.

The Melbourne launch was held at Marker Gallery on Johnston Street, a street that is coming along in leaps and bounds to give Gertrude Street a run for her money. I was greeted by the gallery’s grand mufti, Dan Castle, a young and affable bloke for whom the New Order launch was a bit of coup given the newness of his space. Marker Gallery is currently the only place you can buy TNO mag (twenty bucks) – they are still working on a distributor. Making my way through Fitzroyalty; tastefully dishevelled or hardcore street, I find the TNO crew who are actually hanging out behind the gallery in a private party. Art Director Erin Forsyth raves about the content heavy first issue;

“We don’t want to know what someone f@#$%^g had for breakfast, we want to f@#$%^g know how they got to where they are.”

She tells me she hasn’t slept in a while due to the deadlines and pressures of bringing the mag to print.

“While we are partying here in Melbourne, our crew in Tokyo is partying. That’s how we roll.”

You can take a peek at the new Marker Gallery and current exhibition by Ben Brown below or drop in to 159 Johnston Street, Collingwood.

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Words – Varia Karipoff

Photography – Max Garrido

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