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Miss Green’s Wardrobe Launch

Last night was the official Launch of Miss Green’s Wardrobe.  The event has been a long time coming and the look of relief on organiser Rebecca George’s face as the night wound up was evidence that the evening was a huge success.

The concept of Miss Green’s Wardrobe is simple, for the ticket price of $35, bring in some of your unworn or unwanted designer clothing, and swap it for some fresh pieces, the philosphy being that having a great wardrobe doesn’t mean having a huge credit card debt, and it need not come at the expense of our environment.  So not only were guests happily updating their wardrobes and gaining some serious karma points, but they were doing so in style at the lush Baroq House in Melbourne (with cocktail in hand of course).

Around 100 guests arrived at Baroq House from 6pm in order to trade in some of their top quality designer pieces for ‘new’ garments.  Sitting at the check in table, Rebecca and I saw many amazing items change hands, from Prada Wedges, a stunning Karen Walker silk frock, a Valentino skirt and the most adorable pair of Ralph Lauren sneakers.  Ticketholders were handed a colour coded token equivalent to the value of their traded item, which they could then exchange for a new item of similar value.

Prior to the swap starting at 7.30pm, Bec and I addressed the eager crowd, (whilst being filmed by television crews – yes we were terrified!) and explained how the evening would work, and more importantly, the message behind Miss Green’s Wardrobe.  After a few words from Vintage Soul Designer, Emily Highfield who appeared on stage with two of her gorgeous models,  prizes in the form of Miss Green’s Favourites were drawn, and we were on our way.

Needless to say I quickly removed myself from the chaos that is style swapping, preferring to observe from afar with drink in hand.  However as you’ll see in our pictures, Michael (our photographer) got in amongst the craziness, carefully trying not to take photographs of women sans pants as they desperately tried on garments as quickly as possible…

As the crowd settled, and guests finalised their swaps,  all involved began to relax and enjoy their complimentary drinks, delicious fingerfood, and the cutting of Rebecca’s stunning Louis Vuitton Speedy Handbag cake, made by the lovely Becky (aka Cake girl).  The evening was  with out a doubt an incredible success.  So many stunning designer pieces changed hands, and guests left the venue excited and very satisfied with their ‘new purchases’.

We at Style Melbourne are very proud to have been involved with this venture, and we are eagerly awaiting the next Miss Green’s Wardrobe Fashion Exchange Event, to be held towards the end of April…we will keep you posted!

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Words – Bronwyn Miller

Photography – Michael Todor, Todor Photography

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