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Infrared Parade from the Fashion Incubator MC

The theme was all things red, with designs, decorations and dancers all matching in colour. However this is where the similarities ended and each unique individual designer’s perspective became apparent.

The show began with Lenko. Decorative headpieces and berets were complemented with short sleeved over coats and pencil line skirts to produce outfits with a feminine pixie feel with French influences. Lingerie, the label not the under garments, showcased some high class lingerie comprising of negligees and a boy leg and singlet combo with garter stockings and high heels. Fugue followed suit with lingerie designs but instead opted for the full length satin night gown with a matching robes.

Riotville and Zephyr added a little extra spice to the show by going against the grain and producing unusual and awe inspiring articles. Zephyr with gothic red vinyl dresses with lace up backs and Riotville with a little red riding hood all grown up inspired dress. Ella’s designs were of a more formal nature with elegant outfits that demanded attention. Designs by Sarva also shared a formal feeling but differed in the delicate embroidered details in each outfit, making them a standout feature.

The stand out designs of the night were a sensational backless tartan number by She is a and the Sideshow collection. A red fringed gown with a train and soft classic skirt and top designs accompanied with sparkly accessories were definitely worth a second glance, but were over shadowed by the amazing pin up girl swim suit styled outfit, completed with white faux fur shawl and fascinator. Josua Andreas produced unforgettable Spanish Lolita styled sequined garments that added a different flavour to the palate and inspired a sense of passion, a feeling that was also evoked upon viewing an unusual take on what seemed to be a wedding dress inspired outfit by Irene.

And last but not least are the Tanoj pieces. Each with a different mix of red and black, were as unusual in their use of a colour other than red in a show that was essentially all red as the foundations of their designs.

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Words – Alex Schleibs

Photography – Stephen Clarkson

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