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Give/Take Exhibition Opening

See lines between art and fashion blur at the Give/Take exhibition, which opened on the March 17 as part of the L’Oréal Melbourne Fashion Festival. The exhibition at the Off the Kerb Gallery in Collingwood features creations by prominent designers and artists and is their interpretation of this year’s LMFF “Cause and Effect” theme.

Entering the gallery, visitors are immediately confronted by the arresting creations of Alexi Freeman and Aaron Roberts. The signature criss-cross motif of Freeman’s collection is boldly fluorescent on several sheets of acetate layered and suspended in mid-air. This creation is a design which draws parallels between architecture and fashion design, with the designer’s striving for a “monolithic” effect. Freeman’s collection is displayed alongside the exhibit to be appreciated by visitors flicking through the racks of bright colours and muted greys, cross-hatched textures and sheer metallics.

Delving further into the exhibition lies a collaboration of Naomi Tettman and Yandell Walton, an installation piece featuring two abstract torsos wrestling in a ring. A flickering light installation is projected onto the back wall, portraying the give/take theme as a strangely beautiful battle for dominance.

No space is wasted in this little gallery: even the stairwell is a space taken over by art and design. “Borrow” is an exhibition initiated by Carlton fashion salon Milly Sleeping which features whimsical, curious creations mostly fashioned from everyday objects. Visitors are encouraged to try on and play with the assorted oddities as they move through the stairwell of the gallery.

Upstairs, the contribution to the exhibit by Thorsten Richter, entitled “If I were with her now”, takes a dreamier approach to the theme. Richter’s work shows misty landscapes dominated by dressmaking mannequins clothed in dresses in an evocative work which investigates the relationship between memory and fashion.

The exhibition offers a variety of interesting interpretations of the Give/Take theme in fashion and design today and is certainly thought-provoking viewing.

The Give/Take exhibition is open at the Off the Kerb Gallery, at 66b Johnston St, Collingwood until March 22.

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Words – Stephanie Anderson

Photography – Kit Haselden Photography

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