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Fashion Collections: Trespassers in Blue

The Malvern City Hall is a gorgeous place to hold a runway show. High celings, white interior alternatively darkened and brightened by the purple and blue spotlighting. Trespassers In Blue was a collection of some of the biggest “cool kids” brands: Lee, Mossimo, Mooks, Superdry, Wrangler- and the crowd was proof. Skinny girls in black shiny items were everywhere, and the stands were awash with leggings.

Lee opened the show with a collection featuring a lot of ripped skinny light blue jeans (with some dirty grey pairs for the boys), and some wonderful use of knit fabric with a great black mini dress and a almost not there “top”.

Mossimo concentrated on a preppy look for the men’s collection, with lots of zipped jackets. The girls got denim minis and some lovely super-high-waisted pants. It was becoming apparent by then that light blue denim was going to be everywhere in a couple of weeks. Including vests.

Superdry had plenty of utilitarian coats and jackets, lots of zips and a few featuring a great double collar, for both lucky boys and girls. Warm was the key here- even some padded flannies- how very 1994.

Mooks got urban on our arses (don’t they always?) with a palette that included salmon pink, periwinkle blue and some simpler items- classic bootcut jeans, button up dresses.

Wrangler closed the show with a big Woodstock rocker vibe- no beads, but lots of hair and extra tight jeans. The clothes themselves were simply cut, in fact all brands were moving away from the layers and complexities of the current Chapel Street vibe. The models draped and posed around the runway, (one sporting a huge legit white-boy ‘fro) before picking themselves up and walking off to the sound of applause from the crowd.

Remember kids- bootcuts, light blue denim- and keep it simple!

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Words – Brooke Jury
Photography – Magdalena Skorlich

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