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Decorum Fashion Show

Sprinkle Emporium has bucked all the fashion norms and last night put on a fashion event for women of all shapes and sizes.  If that wasn’t refreshing enough, Sprinkle Emporium ensured that guests of Decorum were not only treated to a simple fashion show, instead the evening was filled with singing, dancing, ‘poetry’ and frivolity.  Hostess with the Mostess, the lovely Miss Yana Alana hosted the event in a manner which only she can, using a range of expletives but still managing to stay classy – I’ve never heard anyone use the C-Bomb in such an endearing manner…

Not for the squeamish, Yana Alana and her jazz flavoured band The Paranas opened with an act that would make most cringe…Vaginas, Vaginas and more Vaginas were sang about, read about and even danced about – use your imagination.  As if the evening could not pertain such animation, along came the self proclaimed Town Bikes, with a very provocative performance with the aid of nun-chucks, please see the photos, words cannot describe the amazing energy and sexual prowess that this dynamic duo oozed.

Of course Miss Sprinkle was not only there to shock and awe the crowd with talk of vaginas and burlesque dancing, we were also privy to the showing of Sprinkle Emporium’s Autumn/Winter 2009 Collection.  Sprinkle’s philosphy is to flatter women from sizes 8-18 in the most stylish way possible, and without fail, the crowd of over 200 was suitably impressed.

With models of all shapes, sizes and ages (including Sprinkle’s mother which was simply adorable) it was incredbily refreshing to see beautiful women showing off their curves in a way that was sexy yet demure.  Sprinkle has designed a range of beautiful wrap dresses, impeccably tailored suits, figure hugging pencil skrts which were all complimented by millinery by young designer Kali Rose.  Each piece on show had a very 1950’s feel, with double breasted button detailing and oh so sexy fishtail skirts.

Sprinkle Emporium’s latest collection allows women to dress in a way that is empowering no matter what their shape…and in the words of Miss Yana Alana – “Fuck Dotti, and Fuck Mainstream Fashion”…take that in whatever way you like, but I think she may have a point!

You can check out Sprinkle’s designs at 108 Lygon Street East Brunswick, or have a peek here.

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Words – Bronwyn Miller

Photography – Bronwyn Miller

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