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The Mineral Makeup Revolution & Jemma Cosmetics

Lip Gloss Queen (of yes, Big Brother fame) Jemma Gawned has released a new line of mineral make-up.

For the unfortunate few who haven’t yet caught onto the benefits of mineral makeup, there should be no better motivation than the sweltering summer heat to give it a go. Unlike regular foundations which have a tendency to melt and feel heavy on a hot summer day, mineral foundation is light, easy to apply and melt-proof. Furthermore there are many benefits of mineral makeup to the health of summer skin: mineral make-up is an anti-inflammatory, good at calming redness, is safe to use on acne, and also provides SPF coverage.

The popularity of mineral makeup has exploded as many major cosmetics labels have recently caught on to the benefits and marketability of mineral makeup. With the glut of products on the market, a consumer can easily be confused into thinking that one brand of mineral makeup is as good as the next.

This is not so, according to Gawned.

The concept behind mineral makeup is based upon the fact that the skin is a living organ which absorbs whatever products are slathered upon it. Regular foundation and makeup is made from petrochemicals and other synthetic substances whose names are impossible to pronounce, let alone recognise (cetyl dimethicone copolyol, anyone?).

Mineral makeup, on the other hand, contains only crushed minerals – such as zinc oxide and natural clay – so that your skin isn’t absorbing anything toxic. Gawned’s Naked Minerals range goes one step further than many other brands, using only an organic base so that no synthetic materials are thrown into the mix.

This organic blend contains light-reflecting pigments to make skin appear flawless, yet is light enough so that it feels as though you’re wearing no makeup at all. This, Gawned says, is the reason her line is named Naked Minerals.

The Naked Minerals range isn’t limited to foundation – there’s bronzer, blush, eye shadow, and even lip products, so that you’ll never have to swallow petrochemicals again, and can have sun-goddess skin all summer long.

Naked Minerals by Jemma Gawned is available at Myer, Kmart and Zuza specialty stores.

Words – Stephanie Anderson

Image courtesy Jemma Cosmetics

2 Thoughts on “The Mineral Makeup Revolution & Jemma Cosmetics

  1. Bet Jones on October 13, 2010 at 4:49 am said:

    I live in Wales (Cymru), and while holidaying in Australia in May of last year, I purchased your Naked minerals foundation (dark) in Myers of Sidney. I have loved using it, and at last, I have found this website. It it possible for me to order the same product through you, as I don’t want to try any other make as yours is just what suits me. Thank you so much. Bet Jones

  2. Hi Bet,

    Thanks for visiting.

    StyleMelbourne is an online publication, so that’s kind of like asking Vogue magazine if you can order Prada clothes through them. 😉

    To be honest I don’t think this make up is made anymore after the company went into administration. Good luck with your search!

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