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Miss Greens Wardrobe

Here at Style Melbourne, we love hunting down new ventures relating to fashion and lifestyle in our fine city.  We recognise how difficult it can be to get exposure as a young designer or entrepreneur.  So, during one of my web browsing sessions, I stumbled upon a new concept, run by 19 year old Rebecca George known as Miss Greens Wardrobe.

We’ve all heard of clothing swap meets, however Rebecca aims to take this initiative to the next level, by turning her events into a night out on the town with the girls full of fashion, wine and great company.  I chatted with Rebecca about her ideas and ambitions for Miss Greens Wardrobe, here’s what she had to say…

Tell me a bit about yourself and what you’ll be up to in 2009?

I love fashion, art, real estate, business and thoroughly enjoy going to the cinemas.  I can’t go anywhere without water and lip balm – it is a curse!  I completed my VCE, graduated in 2007 and went on to doing full time business degree at Swinburne University.  This year I will be studying part time to allow Miss Green’s Wardrobe to become a higher priority.

What inspired you to create Miss Greens Wardrobe?

For years, I have been coming up with business and product ideas, but as with most new ventures they required a lot of resources to start up.  I have always loved the idea of having more freedom which goes hand in hand with working for myself, it allows my true passion to be recognised – because the idea was my own, I’ll have something to be excited for each day.

I was aware of clothing swaps, they are very big overseas, and I saw the opportunity to expand on the concept and approach the idea in an eco-friendly way.  Through Miss Green’s Wardrobe, I would like to make people more aware of more “friendly” consumer alternatives out there that are of fabulous quality, style and easily accessible.
How long have you been so interested in fashion?

That’s hard to say… but I will say that the more you begin to appreciate art the more you appreciate fashion.  Both fashion and art are very hard to define – art isn’t limited to paintings, nor is fashion limited to clothing.

Can you explain how this concept will work?

The concept is based around attendees swapping unwanted fashion items that may be too small, too big, unworn, unloved, etc.  These items must be in peek condition and quality – sought after brands like Country Road, Ralph Lauren, Hussy, Sportsgirl, Gorman, Zimmerman, Ksubi, Kookai, along with many more are the brands you can expect to be exchanged at events.

Participants may bring between 1 & 5 items for exchange.  At check in, these items will be checked for quality and condition and will then be exchanged for tokens of similar value to each item.  When the swap commences, after people have mingled, competitions and been drawn and any speeches have been made, swappers will have the chance to search through and try on other swappers items.

Once the participant has found items of equal value to each of their tokens, they can then proceed to the checkout where tokens will be exchanged for new found garments.

A large part of Miss Green’s Wardrobe will be based around promoting various “friendly” brands and companies.  To make the Miss Green’s Wardrobe experience more enjoyable for participants, I have also sought sponsorship from a large number of Companies for products to be used as prizes and giveaways at events and online.  Some of the brands I loved so much that I myself have begun to retail some of their products, which will also be available at events, online and at the occasional local market.

Do you often go on vintage treasure hunts?  If so, what are some of your fave finds?

I go through phases of being addicted to Op-Shopping, I’m terrible at times.  I love looking for buttons, they don’t make them the same these days to how they used to.  I also love vintage Oroton…  I just love Oroton full stop.

Style Melbourne will continue to bring you updates regarding Miss Greens Wardrobe, and will keep everyone posted as to when the first big event is being held – we can’t wait!
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Words –  Bronwyn Miller, with thanks to Rebecca George

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