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Designer Clothing Heist in Armadale

Some bad news from Armadale’s prestigious High Street fashion and retail strip. The Shirin Moore Gallery, only open since late last year, has fallen prey to some high end burglars. In a smash and grab robbery, the devious pair took an estimated $100,000 worth of European designer goods in the wee hours of Tuesday morning. We’re talking labels like Armani, D&G, Valentino, Versace and clothes, jewelery, shoes, bags and accessories were taken. Fairfax has some security footage you can take a look at here, since the dastardly duo didn’t bother to cover their faces (s.m.a.r.t). The robbery was over in around a minute with the thieves using a fire hydrant to break through the independently owned store’s windows. They apparently focused on taking goods with a high resale value. We’d recommend keeping this in mind while shopping on Ebay in coming months or use common sense and don’t buy things that have “fallen off the back of a truck”. Even take note if your local boutique seems to suddenly be selling higher end items at prices too good to be true. If you have any information please contact Crimestoppers.

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