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Joolz ‘Third Time’s the Charm’ Collection

Joolz Designer Airdrie Makim is currently frantically making up 100 pieces for a special event in L.A. However this has just come of the back of the completion of her latest jewellery collection entitled ‘Third Time’s the Charm’. The collection heavily features vintage playing cards cut into perching butterflies and recycled dice. You can even have items sourced from the famous Vegas casinos such as Caesar’s Palace, Casino Royale and the Bellagio (made famous by the Ocean’s 11 films) included in your own commissions. The natural gems that run throughout many of the Joolz collections are still present with pearls, black onyx and obsidian creating the framework to support statement making pieces.

Photographer Lucia Ondrusova and model Halohid (who is also an all-round theatre talent) have helped to create the fitting photo shoot below. It is all about old Hollywood movie star, good-time glamour. Think Greta Garbo, Jean Harlow and numerous 40’s pin up girls. Adore it! You can also watch cinematographer Gunter Bohenzky’s behind the scenes video here;

Photographer – Lucia Ondrusova
Model – Halohid
Makeup – Adele Karmy
Hair – Sayaka Matsuzaki
Stylist – Monica Buch
Photographer’s Assistant – Kuba Nikoracy
Cinematographer – Gunter Bohenzky
Assistant – Teresa Corcoran
Clothing mainly courtesy Amelia from Route 66, Stephanie from BAHAMONDE, and Lisa from Eva Green

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