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Summer Flats

So I’m protesting this unseasonal weather (we are one week out from the official start of summer and it is still all clouds and showers for the seven day forecast) and looking forward to scorching days at the beach and tropical holidays. So to get in step we are looking at thongs for the upcoming season – now there’s no reason not to have stylish toes even when you want footwear to rapidly slip on, slip out of again and run around in the sun in.

1. If you are looking for an alternative to Havianas look no further than Brazilians Dupe. Their thongs have cushioning technology so you won’t have aching arches by sunset. They have some atypical shapes and while they do have block colours available I really prefer their graphic, patterned pieces for a change. How about trying this orange pair below from their Chita collection to get you in the mood for a carnivale style beach party?

2. This adorable little flat is called ‘Violet’. The romantic floral motif and gem will see you through breezy sunshine filled lunches to seaside cocktails. Made from natural antique looking Italian materials, the flower can be switched for a turquoise or fuchsia bloom as well as the vivid as shown orange below. They also sport a subtle heel so my fellow height-challenged wearers won’t feel completely flat footed.

3. We all knew it! Supermodels can’t prance around in sky high stilettos all day long. Gisele Bundchen’s second collection of thongs has a distinctly tribal feel. Although the black ‘Alto’ pair I’ve handpicked below can almost pass for futuristic at the same time. The sale of the collection also aims to raise awareness of using the earth’s water resources intelligently.

4. If, like me, you’re not an ‘exercise person’ it can’t hurt to try an get a jump on your daily regime simply by walking around. Fitflops have been touted as helping to tone up your thighs and their new stylish range for this summer means you don’t have to let anyone know what you’re actually wearing. This pair called Electra feature silver sequins – I think everyone needs a little sparkle over the festive period (and if they help work off some of that Xmas pudding what a great start to any inevitable “I’m going to get in shape” New Years resolution).

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