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Hunting for Gifts

Without further adieu – and in no particular order – here is StyleMelbourne’s pick of 10 gorgeous objects to spoil your loved ones with over the festive season for 2008 (isn’t that what this time of year is really about?). Have a safe, stylish and eggnog-filled Xmas!

1. Natasha Law (you may have heard of her more famous actor brother) has released a series of illustrated coffee cups featuring fashionable designs. She uses that scrawly, mostly black and white (with a splash of colour) style that is oh so effective. A cute way to add a little sex appeal to any coffee addict’s (this is Melbourne after all!) daily brew.

2. When you want to get back to the less commercialised spirit of Xmas why not try giving back with Karma Currency? The website allows you to send charity gift vouchers to anyone but the beauty of Karma Currency is that the recipient of your gift can then choose the cause that is closest to their heart. Over 100 top level charity organisations are involved and you can assist in protecting children, animals, the planet and even the arts.

3. The fourth annual (naturally) Miriam Bereson full length calendar has been released. It’s perfect for a workaholic and avid event-goer like myself who is in a creative or stylish field since it looks so darn good hanging up on the wall. This year it is soft pink and browns with Miriam’s charming doodles on certain dates – even Miranda Priestly would approve of having one around! A quick way to look forward to the year ahead.

4. Have a friend who is still into paying with dolls? Or maybe they love anime or all have a fascination with the East. Momiji dolls are adorable collectable figurines – friendship dolls in fact. Three new styles have been released. My pick is this darling little white haired momiji. They can’t help but make you smile.

5. Casual summer holidays requires a great tote to lug around sunscreen, movie star glasses and bathers in. And with this season’s dreamy 70’s feel happening why not go for denim? I really like the clean durability of this Country Road bag to carry everywhere.

6. Husk stores sell beautiful clothes, homewares and tea. The digest tea mix is one I actually crave the most with liquorice, peppermint and chamomile blended in to give a sweet taste without sugar. And after a big Xmas lunch a large cup of this may be in order!

7. Maybe your chose gift recipient has a sweet tooth. Just give in and send them a gorgeous edible treat. Sugadeaux cupcakes can be ordered in mini version or full size and they will make any flavours you like as well as their gourmet menu. For Xmas I feel like the Chai Latte flavour is actually reminiscent of gingerbread. Warning: they are super sweet.

8. Joolz Melbourne-based designer Airdire Makim caught my eye earlier in the year during High Fashion. High Tea. The vivid blue and glossy black stones in her ‘Forbidden Fruit’ necklace make me think of something Queen Cleopatra would love to have adorning her neck. This aqua version is Agean – it also comes in other juicy hues.

9. As we’ve mentioned before, botanical cosmetics entrepreneur Natalie Bloom’s release ‘Beauty in Bloom’ is an adorable little collection of inspirations on life and making yourself look gorgeous everyday. Treat yourself or maybe there is a special girlie girl in your life who would like to have this on their coffee table to flick through.

10. I wear a few different combinations of Jo Malone’s realistically appealing perfumes. The listing of her fragrances is almost like reading a gourmet menu – Lime, Basil and Mandarin or Blue Agava and Cacao. The Nutmeg and Ginger scent, her first fragrance ever created, is perfectly spicy for Xmas festivities.

Words – Sarah Willcocks

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  1. Thought you might like to know that the 2010 miriam bereson wall planner is available now and this year it’s ‘corn blue’


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