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Greenhouse by Joost at Fed Square

“Green” was undoubtedly the trend for 2008 in fashion as well as in everyday life. Sometimes it can be hard to know where the PR spin ends and honest eco-friendly design begins.

However, if you want to talk about people actually walking the walk then talk about designer Joost. He has created a self-sustaining event space called the Greenhouse in Fed Square, out of recycled, reused and well, re-thought goods. Some very talented locals are on board like event magicians bttb and Seamstress supplying the beverages combined with the culinary skills of Shannon Bennett. The venue is able to transform to suit a variety of purposes; from giving our hidden laneway bars a run for their money to hosting an intimate Gucci ‘Cruise’ catwalk show (you can peek at the details from the latter event here very soon).

The mid-sized space is constructed of hay bales and steel. The roof top has a live garden where some of the produce you can partake in there is grown. Even the wait staff are attired in vintage wear. Along with the trash that has been artfully turned back into treasure (fire hydrants, roadsigns, ex-MCC tiles) the most interesting feature to me are the strawberry pot plant lined walls. Here’s hoping they blossom and fruit before the site vanishes leaving no footprint.

Really it is a subtle and stylish form of protest about a throwaway society and when juxtaposed against the backdrop of the behemoth, metallic cube that is the actual Fed Square it is quite a distinctive message. Shame it will only last for three months. The Greenhouse may possibly end up at Milan’s 2009 Furniture Fair. I’d secretly like to see it pop up ninja-style at different locations in our fair city every summer in a new incarnation.

The Greenhouse is open from now until the 29th January 2009. Times are from 7am to11pm (freely open to the public until 4pm each day).

Words – Sarah Willcocks

Image courtesy Earl Carter

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